Bag Of Tricks 5e: Patterns for Alternate Crafting

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This is intended to supplement the alternate crafting system, but it is not stringently essential for it to do so. The intent is to promote various crafting accounts within worlds that is otherwise possible with the actual crafting rules.

Care about representing archetypes like the clever tinker, magical smith, and legendary alchemist. It’s continuously up to you if this serves you, anyway, onward to 5e Magic Item Patterns for Alternate Crafting: the Bags.

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Bag of Ortikka the Field Maiden (Bag of Beans)

The winter is longer than in current years. Few years of balance or tipping towards summer are elements of suffering rather than possibilities for joy. We have long relied upon winter for safety. The summer makes us exposed and weak. We slack for too long. We lose energy to tend the gardens as fervently as we should, bringing the ire of Ortikka.

Tool Proficiency Needed: alchemist’s groceries or cook’s utensils

Rank Needed: Specialist

Material(s) Needed: a siphon stone, a night lily bulb, 12 beans, 1 oz. of dried chimera blood, a bull elk leather pouch.

Ortikka, the Field Maiden, could be just about anything, maybe an archfey. As far as the elements go, parts of the night lily must be collected while the plant still lives, and the ingredients harvested must begin to be spent in an object immediately, or their efficacy will be lost. A siphon stone appears like an object of elemental earth. Its purpose is to dry and absorb liquid from surrounding domains, making it valuable and useful. The rest is much straightforward.

Tshaib’s Maw (Bag of Devouring)

Perpetual hunger from behind the seen stars! Let us gaze into your unknowable eye to discover the splendour of worlds hidden. The misguided hordes will never experience the life you create from the husks of dying lands. They will identify Terror and Devourer instead of Lifegiver and Father. Those who have studied the holy texts and understood the truth in the stars will endure fast. That will destroy this world of sin and blight and make it whole in the Astral Crucible.

Tool Proficiency Needed: leatherworker’s tools or weaver’s tools

Rank Needed: Artisan

Material(s) Required: 11 fossilized beholder teeth, 11’ of Slitherine, an iron rune of night, 11 powdered black opals, each worth at least 1000gp

Finding the design is a symbol of something tremendous going down and will set the players on alert. From an ingredient perspective, believe slithervine to be horrible, fantastic terrain the players have to defend. A wicked fey creature probably commands it. The iron rune of the night is stitched into the base of the bag and is a unique glyph made from not iron but resembling it. It should be the stuff of nightmares forced into a symbol – terrible to stare upon and disturb to communicate with. Crimson steel is steel formed from the iron collected in blood.

Trifon’s Gift (Bag of Holding)

Preparation is critical. The bitter frost is subjugating their little blanket. When people find themselves hungry after three days of attempting refuge in a cave, they will reach to you to satisfy their guts. They will discover guilt and humiliation for themselves when they return to you. They will find they want you more than you want them. There is a choice to make at this point. You will cater for them in their time of pennilessness. Neither outcome should adjust your path. You do not make it because you anticipate something from them.

Tool Proficiency Needed: leatherworker’s tools or weaver’s tools

Rank Needed: Journeyman

Material(s) Needed: 11 lbs. of argent fleece, a vial of mirror oil, a mithril rune of the sky.

Argent fleece, get it from a unique sheep that is tough to shear and challenges you to make it feasible. It should be a near-mythical job, but certainly a life-threatening one. Think of the Labors of Hercules. A mithril rune of the sky must impart feelings of relaxation and happiness. Mirror oil is just a hyper-reflective metallic oil.

Mystery Satchel (Bag of Tricks)

Most uneducated and horse-kicked will also appreciate the majesty. Inspect the satchel and tell the crowd of your discovery. Must believe this is only a simple bag with nothing out of the regular. Grip your chair. It’s not going to…stop yelling…it’s not going to hurt…stop crying…no one will be harmed. It is a frightful killer.

Tool Proficiency Needed: weaver’s tools

Rank Needed: Journeyman

Material(s) Needed: a moonlight silver needle, 10 oz. of dye from a Wildrose, star-purified cloth.

A Wildrose only flowers at the tip of a rocky cliff where some historical or mythical figure set it’s seemingly quite challenging to strike, and the gathering itself should be moderately disastrous. The spines might be the risk or may be the fire bees. You never perceive. Lean towards an environmental challenge with it, and the discipline for insolvency is coming under the jurisdiction or declaration of the mythical character. Star-purified cloth is just fabric left out under a clear night sky. The element cannot be sullied by man nor animal throughout this time. Keeping it reliable and working it with care would be the difficulty.

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