Google Tricks: Cool Things That You Should Know

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You might be questioning what’s the meaning of these Google tricks. Nothing. They are just entertaining stuff to do on Google. It is something you can flaunt to your buddies, surprise them, show them your geeky surface.

For a good part of Internet users, Google is an indispensable part of life. All of us use the Google search engine each day to accommodate our unquenchable thirst for knowledge. Google continues adding new easter eggs and removing the old ones. If you want to perform with the secret Google tricks that have been forgotten over time, you can obtain them on ElgooG, a mirror website of Google.

Best Google Fun Tricks List

Search for “recursion” on Google and get stuck in an infinite loop much like recursion. Recursion means imitating or repeating. Google will display “did you mean recursion?” each time, rummaging for recursion.

1. Thanos: Go to elgooG and tap on “Thanos snap trick”. Once you are at the search results, skip to Marvel’s supervillain biography on the right-hand front of the page. Next, tap on the “Gauntlet” icon below Google Images and view Google disintegrate its page listings.

2. Do a Barrel Roll: One of the favourite pastime Google trick is simply requesting Google to do a barrel roll. Continue to Google and type “do a barrel roll” in the search box and observe the magic. The page will rotate doubly and then come back to its original position. Do inspect it out.

3. Google Gravity: Type in “Google Gravity” on the homepage to tap on the “I’m feeling lucky” key. It will get you to one of the fun schemes called “Google Gravity”.

4. Atari Breakout: You can discover it in elgooG. On the website, scroll down and pick Atari Breakout Game. You will see all the Google images will be reconstructed into blocks where you can play the iconic game. 

5. Anagram: When you hunt for the word “Anagram”, Google asks you if you expected “Nag A Ram”. It’s nothing but a made-up word, really an Anagram of the word “Anagram.”

6. Zerg Rush: You can obtain an excellent Google search on ElgooG, a Google mirror designed by All Too Flat. Go to ElgooG and choose Zeg Rush. Several ‘o’ will begin to fall off the search bar and gradually eat up the whole page, leaving nothing back. It’s fun to see. Alternatively, you can reach the hidden Google trick by tapping on “I am feeling lucky” subsequently typing “Zerg Rush” on the Google search bar.

7. Askew: Go over to the Google search bar and type “Askew” to observe how your page tilts a bit. It doesn’t look as intriguing as the other funny Google tricks, but it’s delightful to see the biggest search engine leaning a bit on your work table.

8. Animal Sounds: If you are viewing for fun things to search on Google, try searching for Animal Sounds. As the search query speaks for itself, you can play sounds of different types of animals. While on the search results, tap on the volume icon right next to the animal’s name.

9. Cha-Cha Slide: Seek for Cha-Cha Slide and choose the Microphone icon in the featured box. Keep ticking on it and decide on some new moves.

10. Google Sky: Google Sky is the nifty trick on Google that allows users to fly through space. You can see celestial objects, including stars, constellations, galaxies, planets, and the Earth’s moon thru Google sky.

11. Google In 1988: Type “Google in 1988” in the Google search box and see yourself. As you will observe, there were only some websites on the search results back in the day. None of them had images.

12. Fun FRIENDS trick: You have to hunt for any sitcom’s character name with the term ‘friends’ to trigger the Easter egg. For instance, you can track for “Ross Friends” or “Monica Friends”, and it’ll confer a distinct icon for every character on the right side of the desktop.

13. Play Games on Google: Search for the game and tap on the Play button. You can play PAC-MAN, Minesweeper, Snake, Solitaire, and Tik tac toe. Playing games is seemingly one of the best Google search tricks.

14. Timelapse: Timelapse is a new Google Earth feature that allows users to watch a timelapse of how a specific area has evolved over 37 years. You can use this feature to see the development of metro cities over time, the deforestation, the melting of ice in Antarctica etc. To use the feature, go to the Google Earth Timelapse website and choose the area you’d like to see the timelapse of.

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