Life Hacks For Kids That You Should Teach Them

Life Hacks For Kids jugaad

Despite having the suspicious word “hack” in their term, life hacks are beneficial and don’t require any form of real electronic hacking to accomplish. Because they spare time and free up space, and because they need little purpose and the easiest things to work, life hacks are usable and doable by virtually anyone, including kids.

With appropriate parental supervision, kids learn faster through the first-hand experience of the life hacks. Here are some of the plenty of valuable life hacks that you can work with your kids around the house for extra convenience:

1. Wrap books with an old belt.

Those who have youngsters who love carrying books along on road tours check their hardbound treasures from making war with their clothing by binding and buckling an old belt around them. It does for easier and safer storage and may save your kids’ books additional wear and tear.

2. Reuse tubes as cord storage.

Never lose your children’s Smarties tubes, as it’s an excellent way to put charger cords and even earphones in the empty canisters. Reusing them provides safe storage in tight spaces like luggage bags and pants pockets.

3. Recycle condiment dispensers to glitter or pet food dispenser

Catch two birds with one marble by recycling your old condiment shakers. It will free up space in the cupboard. It will let your children have more mess-free play. Young artisans can utilize them for glitter and confetti-based art decorations. Small pets like hamsters or goldfish can accept them as pet food containers.

4. Use a hanger for accessories

Maximize the effectiveness of any spare hangers by using them to fasten up your children’s accessories as strong as your own. Watches, necklaces, eyewear, and wired gadgets like earphones can be attached to them in a more accessible way and less hassle. Have your children put an extra carabiner as well, and they’ll be ready to hang up minor stuff like ponytail bands and rings.

5. Fold clothes using cardboard cutouts

With a few cardboard cutouts, you can save your kids the hassle of pulling out their clothes with reckless abandon and protect yourself from rearranging the resulting mess. Wrap the dresses around the cutouts, organize them vertically, and your children will be ready to pick them out more quickly.

6. Open bottles with a seat belt buckle

Ordinarily, road trips with children mean that you have to stop every once in a while for gas and food. If your children buy drinks with bottle caps, you can apply your car’s seatbelt fasteners as ready-to-use bottle openers.

7. Always keep a garbage bag on hand

Remember to carry any spare garbage sacks in your luggage to work as impromptu raincoats for you and the baggage during a sudden rain.

8. Tie together sock pairs

Prevent their socks from separating, even vanishing by tying them together before washing or storing them.

9. Reuse pump bottles as a paint dispenser

Fill them with paint helps the kids replenish their paint palettes in a more mess-free way. Filling them up with water instead transforms them into refilling services during water balloon battles.

10. Pick up shards of glass with a wedge of bread

Kids are tactless. They always lead to break things around them. Assist them in cleaning up the broken glassware by mopping with a piece of bread. The bits will cling easily to it.  Don’t forget to put gloves on kids’ hands while supporting them clean up the mess.

11. Post essential reminders on the door

Help the kids remember they might have forgotten to do or carry before leaving the house by posting notices on the front door.  It will do a quick recap before leaving the house. Just ensure they exit the house through the front door.

12. Check a tangled necklace with a straw

Putting one end of a chain inside a straw can prevent it from attaching itself up while storing them away in the chests.

13. Wipe away scars with a bit of toothpaste

If your children accidentally scratched glass surfaces such as mobile device screens, help them out by dabbing some toothpaste onto it. Wow, they with a magic trick of sorts when you wipe away the toothpaste to reveal that the scratch has vanished.

14. Label luggage with bread clips

Help the kids find their luggage bags more comfortably during a road trip by writing down any details on color-coded bread clips for easy, comfortable labeling.

15. Use a paperclip as a luggage lock

Stop sneaky hands from stealing anything inside your family’s baggage by locking the zippers together with a paperclip—someone wanting to unlock your bags while on the move will have a more challenging time doing so.

16. Remove glassware rings with toothpaste

Kids can’t help but bring cold beverages to the living room or at the workstation desk. Help them clean off any of those ugly water rings the drinks left on the tabletops by applying toothpaste with a wet cloth.

17. Recycle coffee cups as paint and brush holders in one

Provide more convenience for the kids during arts and crafts by recycling those plastic cups with dome-shaped lids of coffee shops. They can function as paint cups, paintbrush holders, and paintbrush filters all in one!

18. Use plastic cups to cover hands

Quash that fear of sparkles as they can hold as many sparklers as they want without fear of getting their fingers hurt!

19. Waterproof written labels with clear nail polish

Waterproof your children’s labels on their belongings using clear nail polish. It helps where water tends to get everywhere, like the bathroom. Labeling their toothbrushes or medicine bottles before waterproofing them provides for more comfort.

These life hacks make things more convenient and help your children become more productive and creative. Kids do learn by example. Share tips and tricks with them and enhance to become the most relaxed parent of them all.

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