Life Hacks of Day-to-Day Living for Older People

Life Hacks

As people get older, some daily activities can become more challenging. This might be because of decreased mobility, health issues or memory problems. That’s why here are some of the life hacks for older people that could make their life (or the lives of the elderly relatives) that little bit easier and safer.

  • Paint a dot on keys with nail varnish to remember which one is red for the front door, blue for the garage, etc. Then, you will know exactly which one to use.
  • Add a chair with firm armrests to the bathroom so that you can brush your teeth or wash your face quickly with no risk of losing balance. Attach a tall stool with arms to your kitchen to sit while washing up or prepping dinner.
  • Get rid of your rugs or secure them to the floor with double-sided carpet tape.
  • Wearing a pair of acrylic gloves will make opening tough jars a lot easier.
  • If you have a tablet or a mobile, install calendar reminders so that you never skip taking your medicine or make that critical phone call.
  • You can ask that the pharmacist not use childproof caps on liquid medicine. But remember to put them away from the reach of kids.
  • Put your belt in your pants before putting them on. It will be far less fiddly for the belt loops behind your back.
  • With a smartphone, take a picture of your list of medications with doses to show them to a doctor quickly. You may keep a paper list in a purse.
  • Attach a key ring to zips to secure them and easier to grasp. It’s the same thing for trousers zips.
  • Use a skirt/trouser holder as a recipe holder. Clip recipe or receipt, and you will be able to check it at a glance.
  • Securely tape down extension cords and trailing wires with cable ties to keep them all together to reduce trip risks and any electrical hazards.
  • Carry a small handheld torch while staying somewhere unfamiliar, like a hotel or a friend’s house. It’s usually worth setting your lights on a motion sensor to give a safe, well-lit path.
  • Try setting the alarm on your smartphone if you struggle to hear your alarm clock in the morning.
  • Attach a hanging shoe rack above the back of the kitchen/utility room door and hold cleaning supplies in the pockets to get quickly at a glance.
  • For icy cold liquids on the move, fill a water bottle about one-quarter and put it on its rear in the freezer. Then, once it’s frozen, load the bottle up the rest of the space with water and enjoy!
  • If you constantly losing the remote control, use Velcro strips to stick it somewhere memorable. You could do this with other valuable items like reading glasses.
  • If you find chopping ingredients difficult, buy pre-chopped onions, minced garlic and frozen vegetables and fruit to pop into the saucepan.
  • Tie a colourful fabric around the suitcase handle to pick it up early and save you plenty of time at the airport.
  • To pick up small items from the carpet, cover the end of your vacuum cleaner with socks/tights and secure with a rubber band. The thing will get sucked onto it.
  • Keep track of daily water intake by drawing marker levels on the bottle.
  • Rinse the showerhead by stuffing a plastic bag with white vinegar and securing it around the head with a rubber band. Soak it overnight and get a shiny shower head without scrubbing.
  • Stop the buttons of your shirts from falling off by simply putting clear nail polish over the threads.

Happy Day-to-Day Living!!!!

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