Magic Tricks for Kids: Builds confidence & Social Skills

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Magic tricks are fun, sure, but there’s even more to it: Magic is suitable for kids. Discovering magic tricks at a tender age builds reliance and helps with social fabricating skills, especially if the kid is shy.

Here are some easy magic tricks to teach kids to get a budding magician started.

1. The sugar cube magic

  • Get somebody from the public to pick a number from 1 to 10.
  • Mention that figure on a sugar cube employing a pencil.
  • Select the sugar cube and press it against your thumb. The figure will get transferred to the thumb.
  • Instantly drop the sugar cube in a bowl of water and enable it to melt.
  • Request for your volunteer’s hand and hold your thumb against his/her palm. The figure will assign to the palm.
  • For a magical influence, tell him/her to wave their hand over the glass of water and observe the number surface on their hands!

2. Levitating matchstick

  • Set an empty matchbox upside down and punch the bottom of a matchstick in the middle of the matchbox. It will hold straight up from the center.
  • Incline a second matchstick on the first one so that the points are touching.
  • Flash the center of the leaning match utilizing the third matchstick.
  • As the stick picks fire, the leaning matchstick should begin to lift upwards as if levitating.
  • Puff the flame out and notice the leaning match. It is still hanging mid-air.

3. Magic wand trick

  • Before the presentation, hit the eraser so that it fits into the mouth of the bottle.
  • Request a volunteer to check the bottle is empty and get it back.
  • Leave the wand into the bottle.
  • Mildly hold the wand and the container and turn them upside down gently. While you accomplish this, say words of magic.
  • Pull on the wand very smoothly to get the piece of eraser wedged on the opening of the bottle.
  • Lift your hands from the wand. It won’t slip out of the bottle as the eraser serves as a stopper.
  • You can eliminate the wand by giving it a slight push to loosen the rubber.

4. Find that magic card trick.

  • Before beginning your show, distribute your cards into black and red. Memorize which color you have put on the top.
  • Fan out some cards from the top and ask somebody from the viewers to select a card. Request them to memorize their card.
  • Then, fan out the deck base to support the person to place his/her card back in the deck.
  • Divide the deck somewhere in between, place the bottom half on the top of the deck to rearrange the cards. If the division isn’t exactly in the center, it won’t matter.
  • To get the card that was taken, look through the deck. The color you are viewing for should be the only red or black amongst all.
  • Pick that card out and ask, “Is this your card?” and influence your audience.

5. Pepper and water magic trick

  • Before the show, coat soap on your fingers; it is the code.
  • As you slide your fingers into the bowl, the soap will leave the pepper.

6. Bend a spoon magic trick

  • Hold the spoon’s handle with both your hands as if you are placing pressure on the holder.
  • Do not allow the thumb to encase the handle.
  • Put the tip of the bowl on the table and create to put immense pressure. Stir the hands down so that your viewers can recognize the stress.
  • Let the spoon fall on the desk but cover it up with your palms so that the viewers don’t see that happening.
  • Now that your magic is set play to straighten the spoon. You can only move your hands over it and raise it for your audience to observe the miracle.

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