Tricks to Teach your Dog: Learning with Inevitable Treats

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It’s never too delayed to teach your dog a unique trick. Dogs enjoy learning and doing new things. They do love to have inevitable treats as they master the tricks.

If you aspire to train a dog, it’s necessary to have lots of healthy treats handy. Run a training session of around 10 minutes to restrict your dog from becoming bored. Try to tackle the primary tricks first. When repaying your dog after a victorious trick, it’s necessary to treat quickly, so they correlate the performance with winning food.

Try to remain patient—as some dogs take a bit longer than others to understand the trick.

1. Paw

Ensure the dog sits attentively, and you hold a small treat securely in your hand. The dog can smell it, but it is invisible to it. Boost the dog to strive to get the treat by letting it trying to open your hand with its paw. As it touches your hand, open your hand to have the treat. Repeat it several times with the command “paw” before giving the treat. 

2. Shake hands

Make the dog sit straight. Hold a treat in front of it but out of reach. Repeat “shake hands” to tap on the dog’s front feet with your hand, which is not holding the treat. Dogs raise their paw to get the treat—repeat steps for the dog to get acquainted with the command.

3. Spin

Take a treat near the dog’s nose and slowly push it towards the side of the dog’s head. It will turn head to follow the treat. Add the command word “spin” and repeat it several times while giving the treat.

4. Kiss

Dogs love to lick. So, hold a treat up to your face and say, “kiss.” Move the cheek towards the dog to pause until it touches your face.

5. Fetch

Choose a dog’s favorite ball or toy. Throw it to a short distance. The dog will follow the ball and pick it up. As the dog picks it up, tell to “come.” Praise and give a treat as it comes back to you. 

6. Rollover

Get the dog to the “down” position in front of you by holding a treat close to the dog’s nose. Gently shift from the nose towards their shoulder by slowly moving your hand. As the dog’s nose tracks the treat, they’ll tumble onto their side. Reward with a treat and praise them. Add the command “rollover” in due course to the maneuver.

7. Stand up

Let the dog sit in front of you and hold a treat parallel to the dog’s nose. Slowly move the treat upwards for the dog to stand and reach it. Praise the pet and add the command “stand” to repeat it several times.

8. Crawl

Make the dog lie in the “down” position. Hold a treat in hand for the dog to smell and lick it. But it should not reach it. Slowly move the hand with the treat back for the dog to crawl to achieve it. Praise and give it the treat. Repeat the trick to get the food.

9. Slalom

The slalom is a fun trick. Before trying it:

  1. Ensure to have flexible poles to prevent dogs from becoming injured.
  2. Using four bars, hold a treat in front of the dog to follow it through the slalom.
  3. When the dog approaches the end, give the treat and lots of praise. Repeat to practice the trick.

10. Pick up toys

Get your dog’s toys and throw them over the room. Let the dog fetch it and bring it back. When the dog gets back with the toy, keep the treat over the basket. Command to drop the toy into the basket and give the treat ASAP as it follows the words. 

11. Wave

Let the dog sit and command it to shake a paw. Use the command “bye” when it tries to shake the hand. Move your hand aside and wave to the dog with an up and down movement. Praise and give the treat to the dog.

12. Lie down

Let the dog sit with a treat in your hand. Shift your hand from the dog’s nose towards the chest. Take it down towards the floor. Repeat with the verbal command “down” as the dog lowers itself to the floor. 

13. Handstand

Start by training the dog to mount a novel with hind legs as soon as they touch the book with a rearfoot, praise and treat them before encouraging the dog to put both back legs on the object. Ultimately, the dog will practice lifting hind legs onto the peak of the stack. 

14. Play soccer

Encourage the dog to follow by calling his name. Point at the ball. Speak in a pleasureful and playful voice. As it picks the ball, give the treat and praise it. Repeat the maneuver daily.

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